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Why Choose The CranioCradle

Girl laying down with CranioCradle in upper back - 3-5 minutes

Multiple Applications

Designed with multiple applications in mind for muscular pain relief under the head, neck, and back.  Simply place under the affected area along the spine to encourage joints to decompress and cramped, tense muscles to gently release.

In general, muscular pain release, trigger ptoint release, or soft tissue release happens within three to five minutes.

Relieving pain caused by

Chronic Head and Neck Issues, Headaches, Migraines, Whiplash, TMJ, Sciatica, Lower Back Tension, Tight Tense Muscles and Fibromyalgia

Choose the CranioCradle that is right for you!

The Original

Effective Pain Relief in Minutes

Light Pressure, Recommended for Head, Neck and Back Pain

Sport: DT

Designed for the athlete and plus sized.

Deep Pressure Recommended for Body and Back Pain

Most Popular

2 Pack Mixed CranioCradle
Two CranioCradles for Better Results

Mix or Match Your Set Of Two!

Favorite Accessory

Sport with Hot Cold Pack

Designed to fit into the CranioCradle

Get Hot Or Cold Right Where You Need It!

What is the CranioCradle

The CranioCradle is a gentle easy to use home neck and back therapy system that helps relieve stress, tension and pain.  Simply carry the portable and lightweight CranioCradle with you to gently use while laying down or sitting in a chair!

How The CranioCradle Helps

Placed under the head, neck and back, along the spine, the CranioCradle encourages joints to decompress and cramped tense muscles to gently release.  Within Minutes, the CranioCradle will relax tired tense muscles, relieve nagging aches, pains and fatigue and restore your body to a deep state of comfort.

CranioCradle_Girl_Original_layingdown_neck support for pinched nerve, spinal discomfort, sore muscles
CranioCradle_Girl_Sport_Ergomic Contoured Curvature

Designed for Comfort

The CranioCradle is made from a specialized type of polyurethane foam

– Similar to an advanced memory foam –

designed to compress for comfort while maintaining its natural healing shape.

Relief On-the-Go

Use the Original or Sport CranioCradle wherever you are!
Weighing 5 oz. and 4″ x 3″ x 6″ in size, this theraputic tool is perfect for relaxing at home, work, in the gym or while traveling.

CranioCradle - Relief on the go

Patients and Health Care Professionals

Give Their Thoughts

“Just to let you know, the shift I felt in my back after just 15 minutes on the CranioCradle continues to be profound. Truly. A pain I’ve had for years is now gone. Something changed so that I have a tightness in another area (not on the spine as the original problem was), one that seems much more muscular and workable as compared to the nerve/bone pain I was having. You may have something here…my back continues to improve hourly – it’s a little bizarre actually after so long of no change to it.”

Steve Capellini, LMT

Back Pain Relief

I have been teaching my Myofascial Release seminars for over 40 years now.  I would like to endorse the CranioCradle, which we use both for self-treatment and also during treatment as an extra set of hands to anchor an area down so that we can more effectively release the fascia.  We teach all of our patients how to treat themselves and it is a wonderful self-treatment tool.  The CranioCradle is helpful for the entire spine: cervical, thoracic and pelvic areas.  It’s very well made and we are all very pleased with it.

John F. Barnes

PT, LMT, NCTMB, Myofascial Release Treatment Centers and Seminars

” I absolutely love the CranioCradle! I’ve tried out so many other self care tools and found that it was easy to bruise muscle with them. The CranioCradle on the other hand is soft and versatile that make the muscles melt with very little work. I own a spa and plan to incorporate the CranioCradle into all of our treatments in order to encourage care in between appointments. We choose products that promote environmental wellness so their recyclable packing printed with soy ink is a great fit.”

Natasha Noel Prybyla

Owner, SLOCO Massage & Wellness Spa

Over 18 Applications.  Use 1 CranioCradle or try 2!

See why Professionals love us

Based on osteopathy, craniosacral and massage therapy techniques, the CranioCradle® home therapy system was tested and fine-tuned with the collaboration of a team of experienced hands-on therapists. Which means you experience the benefits of an actual therapy session in the comfort of your own home.

Lightweight, Portable. Affordable!

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